February 8, 2024 – Tim Sanders, president of Credit Repair of

Florida, recently took part in a pivotal event aimed at championing the interests of

Black-owned businesses.

As a member representative of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central

Florida, Sanders joined forces with the Florida Association of Black Chambers of

Commerce for the 2024 Black Chamber Day Annual Summit held at the Florida State

Capitol, February 5-6, 2024.

The summit served as a significant platform for dialogue between Black business

leaders and state legislators, where crucial issues affecting Black entrepreneurs were


During the event, Sanders and fellow association members engaged in face-to-face

discussions with notable leaders including Rep. Christopher Benjamin, Rep. Anna

Eskamani, Rep. Bruce Antone and Sen. Geraldine Thompson.

Key topics of discussion revolved around state and federal policies impacting small

businesses within the Black community, with a focus on addressing systemic barriers

and fostering equitable opportunities for growth and development.

The summit wasn’t solely about dialogue; it also provided a networking opportunity for

attendees. Sanders and other participants had the privilege of mingling with state

senators, representatives, as well as leaders from various state agencies and

departments during a social and luncheon event.

Reflecting on the significance of the summit, Tim Sanders remarked, “It was truly

inspiring to see leaders from both the public and private sectors come together to

address the needs of Black-owned businesses. By advocating for policies that promote

inclusivity and economic empowerment, we are paving the way for a more equitable


Credit Repair of Florida, under Sanders' leadership, remains committed to supporting

initiatives that uplift underrepresented communities and foster economic prosperity for

all. To learn more about Credit Repair of Florida and their mission, please visit