The decision to begin your financial journey towards repairing your credit score does not have to be taken alone. At Credit Repair of Florida, we help our clients every step of the way in order for them to achieve their lifelong goals to success. This can be done in three easy steps – without the complicated verbiage to confuse you.

Step One:

Under the “Getting Started” tab on our website, there is a link to a trusted and reliable credit monitoring service. The service listed is from our partners at Identity IQ, who are an identity theft and credit protection business. This is especially important because we will be accessing our client’s delicate information – 3 credit reports from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Step Two:

After this step is complete and the 3 credit reports are accessed, the next stage is to  sign up for the credit monitoring service. As one of the leading credit repair services in Florida, we pride ourselves in our quick and efficient approaches in the industry. We make it easier for you – and customers like you – by providing an email and phone number for whatever means of contact you prefer. Send us an email to or call 407-734-3426 to let us know that you are ready for your free credit consultation.

Step Three:

The final step in securing your successful financial future is when one of our skilled credit repair specialists contacts you for a free credit consultation. They will begin with a credit repair plan that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. This is meant as a foundation of what you want to achieve in your short term and long-term future. Our goal is to help you move forward with improving your credit and ensuring the best results possible.

Not only is this step crucial for our clients to get a look at their options concerning improving their credit score, but it is also an opportunity to ask questions that you may have. Although our expert credit repair specialists know the verbiage in this industry, that doesn’t mean that every client does as well. You have the right to be actively involved in the process of your credit repair plan and to be informed of what goes on in your financial life. Our experts are ready and capable of educating you in a simple, easy to understand manner that does not leave you confused.

Final Thoughts:

At Credit Repair of Florida, we believe in helping our clients every step of the way in their financial journey. This is accomplished in our three-step plan, created to be simplified so that your life is made easier. As one of the top providers of credit repair services in the Orlando, Florida area, our goal is to educate and make available the best options for you. This is done by our excellent customer service and the way that we tailor each credit repair plan uniquely, considering the specific needs of our clients.

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